Teacher Membership and Procedures

Teacher Membership

In order to have your students perform at our Sunday concerts, both you and your student must complete and mail in membership forms and fees for the current season.

Please download and print the Teacher’s Membership Application form and mail it with your payment to:

Sherry Lu
2 Nanook Crescent
Kanata, Ontario
K2L 2A7

Teachers may then register their students for performance by submitting a Concert Request Form (see further deatils on the form itself).

Concert Request Procedure

When you submit your application, please add a note with your email indicating the number of students you are submitting, their total performance time, and whether you are planning to attend the concert. SStudents are allowed up to 2 selections per concert providing they follow time limits on the Concert Request Form.


There are usually two and sometimes three concerts scheduled on a concert Sunday beginning at 2:15PM. Students and their teachers will be assigned a particular concert time which will be posted on the web site nder Upcoming Concert Info one week prior to the concert.

In view of the number of students and teachers that we serve, it is not possible to accommodate requests for specific concert times. Please ensure that your students understand this need for availability on their part before you submit their concert request form.


All attending teachers are asked to mark the performances. Teacher marking sheets will be available at the desk and should be put into the envelope for the Director of Scholarships after the concert. Please sign your name to the front of this envelope to record your participation as a marking teacher. Generally, the marks should follow the music festival system, using the range from the high 70’s to the low 90’s, with the marks mainly ranging from 80 to 88%. Please mark ALL performances unless otherwise indicated on the teacher marking sheet.

For information regarding our Graded Scholarships see the Scholarship Information tab.

Please remember to advise families that are new to our concerts that it is important to stay for the entire concert to provide an audience for other club members. In the unusual case where someone must enter or exit the hall during the concert, please advise them to do so very discreetly, and only between performances.

All performance material must be well prepared, preferably memorized, prior to each performance. Students should be reminded to dress appropriately.