Upcoming Concert Programs

Sunday, April 2nd

2:15 - 3:15pm 3:45 - 4:45pm

Hello Kanata Music Club teachers!

The Kanata Music Club will be easing back into concerts this year with plans to hold 4 concert Sundays. The concerts will be returning to the Kanata United Church location, 33 Leacock Drive. We have the church booked from 2 to 5 pm. We hope that we will see many of you at these events!

The upcoming dates and deadlines are posted on the dates and deadlines page.

The Kanata United Church still requires that masks be worn when inside the building, and though vaccination status will not be checked, they strongly encourage anyone in attendance to be fully vaccinated.

There will be no membership fees for students or teachers for this concert season. Our main purpose this year is to provide performance experience for student members. There will again be no scholarship awards at the conclusion of the season.

The updating of our web site will be somewhat delayed this fall. Until then, please use this letter as a guide to dates and deadlines. Application, however, will still be made using the web site’s Concert Request Form. Once the website is up to date we will send you a notice and begin using it to post concert information. You can expect to see a posting of the assigned concert times one week before each concert Sunday.

How to apply for a Concert: Applications can be made by teacher using the Concert Request Form which will can be found on our website. This form should be sent to kmcconcerts@yahoo.com a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the concert date. (Teachers can omit the students contact information and also the designation of A/B/C/Studies, as we will not need this information.)

Students may perform one piece, or two pieces if they are of relatively short duration.

General points for Teachers:

  • Participation by a teacher in any one concert will be held to a maximum of 20 minutes. Once that amount of performance time is reached, additional students from that teacher will be placed in the following concert.
  • Every effort to avoid special requests for specific concert times must be made by all members and teachers. Keep 2-5 pm as open as possible on concert Sundays!