Concert Request Form (note: this form will be replaced with a Google Form in the near future)


In order to perform in our concerts, a Family Membership Fee of $60.00 is required for each season, to be paid by e-Transfer at least two weeks prior to the student's first performance. This fee covers all performing members of one family.

Payment Details

  • Step 1: Send an e-Transfer ($60.00) to In the message line of the e-Transfer include the student(s) proper performing name as well the Teacher's name. It is important that the student's chosen performing name is consistently used in this payment memo as well as on the Concert Request Form.
  • Step 2: Forward a copy of the e-Transfer to the student's teacher.

General points for Teachers

  • There is no membership fee for Teachers.
  • Participation by a teacher in any one concert will be held to a maximum of 20 minutes. Once that amount of performance time is reached, additional students from that teacher will likely be placed in the following concert.
  • Teachers are asked to help track the payment of fees for their students. Note that the students will forward a copy of their membership payment (which should be made at least two weeks prior to their first performance of the season.)

Application Procedure

  • Application should be made by the teacher using the Concert Request Form from our website. This form should be sent to a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the concert date.
  • A notice of receipt of the Concert Request Form will be sent to the teacher.
  • Students may perform one piece or two pieces if they are of relatively short duration. See specific time limits (according to Grade levels) on the Concert Request Form.
  • Memorization is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended.

Notification of Specific Concert Times

  • There are often several separate concerts scheduled on our concert Sundays.
  • Every effort to avoid special requests for specific concert times must be made by all members and teachers.
  • Specific concert times as well as the programmes for the upcoming concerts will be posted on our website one week prior to the concert under Upcoming Concert Posting.
  • Printed programs will not be distributed at the concert venue. If a printed copy is desired, please print from the posting on the website.