About Us

The Kanata Music Club was founded in 1986 to provide the fast growing community of Kanata with a music club of its own. Presently, over twenty teachers submit talented music students in monthly concerts held on Sunday afternoons at the Kanata United Church.

Past Presidents Claudia Simard, Frances Balodis and Vickie Iles worked very hard to promote the growth of the Kanata Music Club. Currently serving as co-presidents are Paulette Price and Galina Shostakovsky. Together with their executive they are continuing the work of this thriving club.

Concert Location: Kanata United Church, 33 Leacock Drive, Kanata, Ontario

Executive for 2018-2019

  • Co-Presidents: Galina Shostakovsky and Paulette Price
  • Treasurer: Sherry Lu
  • Directors of Programming: Galina Shostakovsky and Yuko Soncini-Koizumi
  • Director of Scholarships: Jane Yu and Takako Gillingham


Donations to the Kanata Music Club can be sent to our Treasurer:

Sherry Lu
2 Nanook Crescent
Kanata, Ontario
K2L 2A7

Contact Us

Further information regarding the club is available by sending your questions to kanatamusicclub@yahoo.com